Drop Kick Veal Chops

This is a dish the kids will love to help make. It combines the wonderful flavors of wholesome veal with the sheer fun of a knock-down drag-em-out game of kick the can. It was always a special day in our house when Mom announced veal chops for dinner. All of us children would line up on either side of the kitchen with our eyes wide with excitement as Mom, the referee, threw in the first chop. Bob, my big brother, always let me get in the first kick, but after that it was free for all.

While kids love to help making Drop Kick veal chops, most Moms dread the fuss and mess. Not everyone has three family dogs and a six pack of armadillos to help clean up the mess. Besides, working Moms don't have time to keep their kitchen floors clean enough to eat off of anymore. But, we at Food Tiger, realized that Drop Kick veal chops don't have to mean hours of work. We reinforce our chops with sturdy baling wire and wrap them in a space age epoxy polymer so that the kids can kick away and all Mom has to do is pop them in the pan.

Let's face it, there is nothing that tenderizes veal like a hearty band of bambinos, so why not introduce a new generation to the joys of Drop Kick veal chops, and of kick the chop.



  1.  Line up the kids and break out the Food Tiger Kick-N-Fry chops. Toss the first chop in between the two lines and let 'em kick. Toss in the next chop whenever you find a clear place on the floor and keep tossing them in until all the chops are "in play".
  2. While the game is afoot, heat the oil in the frying pan at medium heat and add the pepper corns and let them warm.
  3. After 5-10 minutes or whenever your little ones are just plumb tuckered, blow your whistle and call off your little tigers. Gather up the chops and put them in the pan. With Food Tiger's protective epoxy coating, there is no fuss or muss.
  4. Fry over medium high heat for about 6 - 8 minutes on each side.
  5. Season with thyme, oregano and crushed garlic. Then, just before serving squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the chops for some added kick.


© Copyright Kaleberg Symbionts 1997

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